5 free ways to get more traffic on your website

Are you a small business owner or running a blog struggling to get traffic on your website? The easiest way to get visitors to your website is by paying Google for Google AdWords or running a Facebook advertisement campaign.

But wait, this is expensive right, and as a small business is not easy to afford. The question is what can be done to get regular traffic on your website?

Want a Free Website

Here are 5 creative ways, proven and tested on the www.beingguru.com blog that attract around 300,000 unique page views per month worldwide. You can leverage these websites.

Method # 1 – Quora

It is a very important website. You can post a topic for discussion or answer a question from different categories. When you reply to a question, at the bottom you can leave your contact information including email and website URL. Quora is a high PR website and is not only good for direct traffic when people click on your website URL in your answer, but also very effective for Search Engine Optimization.

Method # 2 – Forums

Online marketers believe that forums are a thing of the past. I do not agree. I have personally tried forums and they still are kicking and very much alive. There are big high PR forums on the Internet that allow you to respond to a thread by giving your email address and website URL. If you like a thread, in your response leave your contact information. You will be surprised about the amount of traffic will start receiving from forums.

Method # 3 – Reddit

This website may not look as modern but do not underestimate its power on the Internet. It is a high-PR website and your website URL could drive an unbelievable amount of traffic. Reddit has sections for almost any category, participate in communities on the website and drop your website URL. It is a great way to drive traffic.

Method # 4 – LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the fastest-growing, widely used business social network for seeking job opportunities, and making business connections. On LinkedIn, you can use the power of hashtags in your articles. Don’t just share articles from your website or blog on LinkedIn. Instead, copy the content from your blog post and paste it as an article on LinkedIn. Just short of the last couple of paragraphs, tell your audience if they want to read more click here. Link the click here text with the URL of your particular blog post and delete the last two paragraphs from the LinkedIn article. I personally generate a lot of traffic daily by using this technique.

Method # 5- Small Blogs

There are a lot of small blogs struggling to cement their place on the Internet. Google them, and leave your contact information on blog posts with your comments. Make sure that your response is curated and in perfect line with the blog post. Don’t just simply leave your website or blog URL, this may be considered spamming.

These 5 methods work a long way and drive good traffic to your blog or website. Give it a try and good luck.

Want a Free Website