Qualities of people with high emotional intelligence

Psychology describes emotional intelligence as the ability to monitor one’s own and other’s feelings and emotions. It promotes positive social functioning by helping individuals to detect other individuals’ emotional states.

In history, this term was mostly not familiar to researchers but once Goleman 1995 wrote a best-selling book on emotional intelligence, this term caught the eyes of researchers and the public. The book described a connection between emotional competencies and pro-social behaviors.

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Today, there has been a debate about the measures for emotional intelligence. Many factors are desirable but there are some actual traits of emotional intelligence that some people possess and are not susceptible to faking.

They face criticism:

People with traits of emotional intelligence do not react to situations in the same way. But emotional intelligence gives them self-awareness. It gives them a deep understanding of themselves. So when such people make a mistake and get criticized for it, they face it and consider it a fact that needs to be worked upon.

They are open-minded:

Self-awareness in people gives emotionally intelligent people the ability to listen to situations and not burst into judgment. They do not reject ideas because these are not their own. They help people when others are in trouble and try their best to fix things right for them.

They have the ability to listen:

A good listening structure is something that separates highly intelligent people from others. They acquire the ability to shut themselves from their own thoughts and remain open to hearing what is actually being said to them.

They do not hesitate to speak the truth:

Emotional intelligence allows people to face the truth and not to hesitate on delivering it further. If they have a tough message to deliver, they will soften it by delivering it in a way that makes others alert and conscious at the same time.

They never prove to be always right:

Emotionally intelligent people try to be on the right track but it’s not something they always prove to others. They admit openly when they are wrong and instead of looking for excuses, they prefer to give honest apologies.

The scientific findings on emotional intelligence support the notion that these are the traits that can be adopted and integrated into one’s life. Emotional knowledge and skills can be taught and easily developed. It is a great way to recognize, understand, express, and regulate emotions.

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