How A Guy from Pakistan Made $10,000 in Just 5 Hours by Trading CryptoCurrency – A Case Study

It was not long ago when the news broke the internet about an Asian, a guy from Pakistan made $4500 Online In 24 hours. He is back in the news again, this time Crypto currency.

In today’s world, Crypto currency has become known to most people as a popular and conventional investment option. This technology allows people to purchase, trade, and make investment without the need for any financial institutions. These currencies are highly volatile and can be profitable to nay trader’s portfolio. As people have started figuring out how valuable this currency is, it is becoming popular in most of the countries.

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This January, crypto currency trading has attracted thousands of investors. The Bitcoin reached $2000 mark last month and the new technology has attracted a lot of people even though the profit/loss ratios have been insanely high.

An online entrepreneur in Pakistan, Tanveer was visiting northern Pakistan. Nathiagali is the place where he encountered snowfall. It took hours for him to reach Abbottabad. As he was about to sleep around 3 a.m. he received a call from his brother like friend who is also the Fiverr Guru, Aaliyaan Chaudary. He asked him to purchase SiaCoin as fast as he could. Knowing that no BTC were present in his wallet he instantly arranged for the amount.

When he scrolled down through the Facebook posts, he came to know that BTC was for sale at the rate of 125 per USD. He arranged BTC of worth $10,000 and sent him his Bitterx wallet ID for which he was transferred BTC of worth $10000 instantly. Against his payment in Bittrex, Tanveer received BTC and instantly bought  SiaCoin (SC) as was instructed by Aalliyaan Chaudary.

He went to sleep after that and when he woke up at around 8 a.m., he opened up his bank account for transferring money to the BTC seller. When he logged into his bittrex account, he was stunned to see that the SiaCoin he had bought has reached a 100% profit. He was suggested by his friends to hold the SC and don’t be greedy. He was asked to keep getting the profit out and reinvest. In just five hours, he sold those SC and got his BTC doubled. In a short period of time, he converted his $10000 into $20,000.

For the all the people who are interested in making an investment in Crypto Currency trading, following are the key points to keep in mind,

  • The best way is to purchase BTC from LocalBitCoins or the ePayments.
  • These BTC can be sent to any of the valid Crypto Currency exchanges such as Binance, CoinBase.
  • Before making an investment in the Crypto currency, you need to research by

Find out who is the big party endorsing the BitCoin

Keep a check on the trend, Market Cap or other statistical information.

For coin updates, stay connected to your Twitter account. and should be read.

Aaliyan Chaudary, Khabir Ud Din Mughal, and Irfan Khan must be followed.

Invest wisely and do not make senseless decisions while making the investment.

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Written by Hisham Sarwar

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