Entrepreneur From Multan Earns $4500 Online In 24 hours.

Entrepreneur who learnt from his failures

“Never give up”

People have always been inspired by heroic struggles against odds, the survival and eventual triumph that give them hope and courage to fight. Such stories from around the world ignite the spirit within us to never lose confidence in ourselves and achieve all that we have the ability of achieving.

This cliché phrase probably fits best to Tanveer Nandla. This is because this web entrepreneur of Pakistan tells us that we should never stop believing in ourselves and in working hard for achieving our goal because we never know that success might exist around the next corner.

Early Struggles:

From his humble beginnings in Mouza Nandla, an area 8 km away from the city Multan, his struggles began with limited resources. In 2007, he did BS Information Technology from Bahauddin Zakraiya University. He was the youngest son of his family and was more attracted to computers as compared to his studies. His passion for computer knowledge made his academic career fall behind. He secured low marks in FSC which led him to choose BS Information Technology in BZU.

There was a time when due to his consistently bad financial circumstances, he had to take a loan to establish his own office and his failed to pay the loan which resulted in closure of his office. 

However, being a hard-working and optimist man as he is, he did not give up and soon established another office at shared basis.

Tanveer recalls those days and tells his disciples that in the sizzling summers of Multan, he used to sit in his office without any air conditioning and work for many hours. It was the time in his life, when the term “office hours” simply lost its meanings because Tanveer used to wake up and work for up to 20 hours a day.

His Achievements:

In the early days of internet, Tanveer became fascinated with AdSense and earned $64 when earning money online was not even thinkable. This was his first time when he entered the world of entrepreneurship.

After that he created his first ever website pkfunda.com which went live in 2008. His website got so much traffic in a short period of time that it resulted in a collapse of server. But this setback did not discourage him from continuing in this field. He learnt web optimization and server management for keeping the server running in case of high user traffic. He went through continuous trails, mistakes, and failures before reaching to a point where he could finally see success coming through.

Well, if you ask one reason behind his success; it is his undaunted determination and will. After losing two accounts, anyone could lose hope but not Tanveer. He made a third account on AdSense, and this time invested a lot of time learning SEO tactics that could help him develop some serious traffic; this hard-work paid off as Tanveer crossed the barrier of $100 for the first time in his career as a web entrepreneur; his first earning from that account was $114.

That success after many failures armed him with never ending optimism, curiosity and determination. It was an emotional chapter of his life, since a boy from a backward area of Multan who knew little about computer crossed the barrier of $100 per month.

In 2011, he developed a Sports-based website because of his craze for cricket and other sports. All the experiences of his previous work helped him in working in the right direction and made this website a success all along. In a single day, he earned $4500 from his sports website.

In 2012-13, he built a fashion-based website from which he started generating money from the second month of its launch.

About this very different experience, he told that it was an idea that matured with help from his fiancé. He worked hard and his fiancé also helped him to write articles for the website. After two months, he earned $5000 handsome amount of money. He added some perspective to the story and told that he decided to get married right after completing his B.S. I.T. from BZU. He treasured all the love and attention that he was getting from the loved one and decided to marry her.

When he was asked to shed some light in detail on that success, with the smile of a winner on his face he told it was a teamwork. Although he performed the major technical tasks, like keyword selection per day of that event to get the maximum traffic, server administration and SEO, yet there was a small team of niche-savvy content writers and SEO specialists to help him achieve this big target. During the busiest days of that event, almost a week, Tanveer’s daily earning was around $3000 a day.

His Aims:

Tanveer Nandla aims for a very bright future. Currently he is a lecturer at Bahauddin Zakariya University and is teaching programming languages to the students. He is also managing a company named as “MWebs” along with continuing blogging and SEO programming at a few niche websites.

His Advice:

Tanveer Nandla, has now achieved the heights of success, the failures could not discouraged him from proceeding with persistence. He learnt from his mistakes and used the failed experiments as a ray of light to see his path to success clearly.

The advice he shares with the upcoming IT professionals is,

“Future belongs to I.T. savvy youth of Pakistan, they should not be afraid of failure because it is only the first step towards success. They should define their goal maturely and work hard to chase that goal. They should recognize their skills and their personal calling and always follow what fascinates them”.

Tanveer’s journey is all about achieving success with limited or almost no resources at hand. Belonging to an agriculture based area, computer was a pretty different field to adopt. He often faced shortage of financial resources for turning his imagination into a reality but his passion and belief in his own abilities kept him fully motivated all the time.

You can get in touch with Tanveer using:

Facebook Profile: facebook.com/nandla

Facebook Page: facebook.com/tnandla

Twitter: @nandla

Written by Hisham Sarwar


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