6 Ways of making the most of your time and get more done

It sometimes happens that you get overwhelmed while checking your inbox or feel your muscles tightened when the phone rings. This situation occurs because you keep putting off what you need to accomplish and get distracted by texts, emails, social media, notification etc. the cost of delaying the work grows with every passing hour and limits you from finding how to get more done.

But instead of feeling swamped away with everyday tasks that are part of your existence, focus on making most of your time and achieve what is most important. It is not possible the amount of time that is available to you but you surely can manage time to get more things done.

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Following are the ways that can help you make most of your time:

1. Set your alarm a little earlier:

It is not easy to become an early bird as it is not possible for most of the people. The easiest way is to set the alarm half an hour earlier for two days per week. Use this time to walk on the treadmill or do a minimal equipment workout that can include push-ups or sit-ups. You feel suddenly feel like a person who exercises four times per week.

2. Get on the airplane mode:

Staying away from your phone is hard. It happens because most people use their phone to look at time and while doing that, they are tempted to look into other things such as social media or texts. This makes you waste a lot of time. The best way is to embrace the airplane mode and it will remove the temptation to get engaged in any other activity on your phone.

3. Front load the list:

Every Friday night, make yourself a short 3-category priority list. It should include your career, relationships, and yourself. Plan for the next whole week and try to give importance the things you want to accomplish first.

4. Take a formal mid-afternoon break:

In order to help you manage your energy, you must follow the British rule of taking a formal mid-afternoon break. It helps reduce the mid-afternoon slump that makes people waste time on checking emails and social media platforms.

5. Set a limited time for chores:

Set your mind that how much time a tasks requires and do not expand it more than that. Complete the task in the time you have set and it will allow you to relax for the rest of the time.

6. Choose two nights without watching TV:

Once you start watching TV, it is hard to turn it off. So try to decide two of the evening during the week where you do not turn it on at all. Instead, use this time to read or pursue a hobby and you will see yourself doing more things in the same time.

Via: Business Insider

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Written by Hisham Sarwar


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