Host parties – A great startup idea you can introduce in your country

It fills our heart with feelings of anxiety to imagine party guests ringing the doorbell and streaming into your house. The idea os hosting a party mostly stresses us out. This is because not all of us can be perfect in hosting a party. But while planning a get-together, you can streamline the entire experience with the help of Tuurnt.

Tuurnt is a startup that is based on the simple concept of rent parties in which the pay rent is held at the end of each month by the party folks. This requires party lovers to plan the party, announce a cost and allow friends to chip in. this startup has been founded by Fabrice Mishiki and is becoming extremely popular among the college students. With this app, Mishiki has been able to raise $150,000. This has enabled the founder to begin with a grass root marketing strategy. It will enable students to earn up to $1,000 with every party.

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According to Fabrice Mishiki, the startup allows users to explore parties near them, know about the opinions of other party goers of the event, and see in real time how much money they have been able to make. It helps users to verify the identity through email, phone, and at least one social media platform such as Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. It is completely safe as the address is shown only to the party host. It allows the party or event host to receive payment just after four days the party has ended.

When consumers can make money with Uber, rent out their homes online, then they can also earn money using Tuurnt for holding parties. This is a perfect solution for college students who want to make money while not disturbing their college courses.

Via: Tech Crunch

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