Bitcoin crosses $7,000

Much to the surprise of every one, within days – Bitcoin’s price has surged passed $7,000 for the very first time. Bitcoin’s incredible march continues in 2017 and we have 2 months to go before the year end.

On Tuesday, the CME Group (world’s largest derivatives operator) said it will introduce bitcoin futures contracts.

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Currently, The price is US$ 7068.51 according to Coin base, a popular exchange.

Here is how the Bitcoin’s price has spiked over the past few months in 2017.

  • May 20 — $2,000
  • August 4 — $3,000
  • August 12 — $4,000
  • October 12 — $5,000
  • October 20 — $6,000
  • November 1st – $7000

Via: Tech Crunch

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Written by Hisham Sarwar

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