5 Proven Ways To Learn A New Language

We come up with lots of excuses for not learning a new language. It brings to our mind that we will have to learn tons foreign vocabulary, understand grammar different than what we are used to and muster up the courage to speak the language we have just started learning. But now, pouring over grammar books is no longer a way to learn a new language.

Before you regret that you left this window of opportunity in your life, following are the few creative ways to make learning a language much easier.

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Watch movies:

The best way to get familiar with a new language is to watch movies. Listening to that language in a movie will make you familiar with the sounds, patterns, and rhythms of that particular language. In this way, you will be able to learn tons of new words while enjoying the activity.

Downloading a fun app:

Another good way to learn a new language is to download an app. Apple’s iPhone App Doulingo is considered best for this purpose. It helps to pass free time in a more productive way.

Play games:

Learning a new language is not at all boring if you learn it in a game. KLOO is a fun game that can help you to learn Spanish very easily.

Cook with recipes:

A more engaging way to get familiar with the vocabulary is to cook the recipes in the second language. It will help you to get acquainted with the cuisine by choosing a book in an entirely new language.

Use apps with speech comparisons:

The best way you can learn and improve upon a new language is to find an honest critic who can honestly point out when you mispronounce the words. Using an app such as Babble that can provide the feedback you don’t get otherwise. It helps to keep you focused so that you do not neglect the speech and pronunciation of a new language.

Via: Business Insider

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