10 High Demand and Low Competition Fiverr Gigs in 2023

High Demand and Low Competition Fiverr Gigs in 2023

If you’re wondering about what are the best high-demand and low-competition Fiverr Gigs that only a few people are doing, but lots of people want, keep reading because we have all the answers to finding low-competition Fiverr Gig ideas.

As more and more people want to work from home, websites like Fiverr are getting more popular. Fiverr started as a place where you could offer your skills and services to people, and it had a limited amount of competition in the late 2000s. But now, many people are offering their services on the website, which means there’s a lot of competition.

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Fiverr is like a place where people who need things done can find people who can do those things. For example, because more people are buying and selling stuff online, many people want to make money that way.

If you want to make money on Fiverr, you should look for services that only a few other people are doing, but lots of people want. This article will tell you about some of those jobs. We’ll focus on careers in high demand but only have a little competition on Fiverr. We’ll also tell you how much you can charge for these jobs on the website.

How to Get Started?

The key is to find the right balance between low-competition gigs and high demand that many people want and pay well. For instance, jobs that many people wish to include things like writing, using AI to generate content, making resumes, managing social media, and designing logos. But getting started in these jobs can be challenging when you’re new and need to gain experience.

Initially, you might have to accept lower pay for these jobs. But as you gain experience, get good reviews, and improve your skills in these specific areas, you can gradually charge more based on what the market allows.

On the other hand, some jobs are easier to get into, like giving product feedback, checking for text errors, adding subtitles to videos, and creating designs on Canva. But, because fewer people are looking for these services, it might be challenging to make a full-time income.

Somewhere between these two groups of jobs is the perfect spot for freelancers to earn a reliable income covering their expenses.

15 High Demand and Low Competition Fiverr Gigs in 2023

1. Certificate Designing

Consider offering certificate design as a simple service on Fiverr. With more people studying online, schools and organizations need someone reliable to make certificates. It’s one of the most popular jobs on Fiverr that you can do.

High demand and low competition fiverr gigs 2023

These certificates can include diplomas, awards, bonds, stocks, memberships, and more related to education. The best part is you don’t need a college degree to do this work-from-home job.

There are 1704 certificate designers on Fiverr, so you’ll need to do great work to stand out.
You can use Canva, a free online graphic design tool, to create and sell certificates. Canva has many certificate templates you can use. Use Canva for fun designs like thank you cards or wedding invitations.

When you get a job, choose a template, customize it for the client, and get paid. It’s that simple.

  • Charges: 5$ – 20$

2. Spotify Banner

Spotify is a top music streaming platform online, and if you’re a music enthusiast, you’re familiar with it. Here’s some good news for graphic designers: creating Spotify banners is one of the least competitive gigs in the graphic and design category on Fiverr.

High demand and low competition fiverr gigs

When you search the Fiverr website, you’ll find only 160 services currently offering Spotify banner designs. This is a relatively low number, especially when you consider the potential to earn up to $85,000 annually if you make it your full-time job. That’s more than $7,080 per month!

Given the limited competition in the Spotify banner design niche, I encourage you to jump in if you’re a designer or interested in learning how to do it.

 3. Project 24 Blog Post (Blog Writing)

Writing blogs is in high demand, but it can take time to break into this field. However, if you offer a specific style of blogging called “Project 24,” you can stand out. This is one of the best opportunities on the Fiverr website and is one of the more accessible services to sell.

To get started, you’ll need to learn the ropes. A great place to begin is by checking out the Income School YouTube channel. If you’re willing to invest some money, consider taking their course called Project 24. This way, you can become a blogger and a freelance writer for others.

high demand and low competition fiverr gigs 2023

If you’re unfamiliar with Project 24, it’s a training program from Income School that teaches people how to start successful blogs and YouTube channels. They have a unique way of researching keywords and a step-by-step approach to creating blog posts that Google notices. You can find more information on their YouTube channel to start a successful blog.

Currently, 3206 service providers are offering these services on Fiverr. To stand out, aim for a rating between 4.5 and 5.0. With dedication, you could earn between $24,000 and $115,000 per year. Having expertise in blogging will make you more appealing to clients looking for these services on the platform. Also, knowing how to use AI writing tools effectively can help you write a lot of content efficiently.

4. Infographics

These days, you see infographics everywhere. An infographic is like a picture that uses images, charts, and words to explain something. Almost everyone who makes content uses infographics to share information excellently.

high demand and low competition fiverr gigs

Infographics are about making information, data, or knowledge easily understood through pictures. On Fiverr, you can find infographic services in the graphics and design section, and they can cost anywhere from $5 to $110. More than 7,000 people are offering these services.

The good news is there’s still a lot of demand for infographic jobs. For example, according to ZipRecruiter, the average salary for someone who designs infographics is $85,918 annually. That’s about $7,160 per month on average. So, if you’re interested in making infographics, plenty of opportunities exist.

5. Gaming Montage

This is excellent news for video game lovers, especially if you’re into video editing. This category is crowded, but the good thing is there’s a significant demand for it, too.

high demand and low competition fiverr gigs

You need to take short video clips and turn them into a 15-minute montage. If you enjoy video games and editing, this is a fantastic gig. You can create montages for popular games like Call of Duty (COD), PUBG (PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds), and more. Many folks are willing to pay for well-made montages.

Currently, there are 2,027 services listed in this category, so there’s a lot of competition. Getting started early to establish yourself in the industry is a good idea. As for earnings, you can make around $50,071 per year doing this. It’s a solid opportunity if you’re into gaming and editing.

 6. Legal Writing

This type of writing is all about creating legal content. It’s a great fit for law students or anyone interested in legal matters. You need to understand the intricacies of the legal industry to excel in this field.

high demand and low competition fiverr gigs

Your tasks include summarizing case notes or highlighting specific aspects of a case. If you’re a lawyer or studying law, this could be the perfect side gig to earn extra money in your free time.
You might be asked to draft employment contracts, marketing agreements, sales agreements, affidavits, lease/rental agreements, legal opinions, and more.

Currently, there are only 1,668 legal writing services listed on Fiverr. Considering the demand, this is a relatively low number. According to ZipRecruiter, the average salary for a legal writer is $87,301 per year. Freelance writers typically charge between $10 and $100 for their services. If you have a knack for legal writing, there’s an excellent opportunity to earn in this field.

7. Skyscraper Technique

The Skyscraper technique is a strategy developed by Brian Dean at Backlinko. With this approach, you craft a specific style of blog post that attracts a lot of backlinks, ultimately leading to a higher ranking on Google.

high demand and low competition fiverr gigs

This higher ranking means your website appears at the top of Google search results. It’s a very specialized service with minimal competition.

Right now, there are only 53 services listed under the term “Skyscraper technique,” making it a fantastic opportunity to establish your presence. Freelancers typically start at $5; depending on the client’s needs, the price can go up to $200.

8. Domain Research

When it comes to domains, you have two options: either start a website from scratch with a brand-new domain name or kickstart a website using a domain name that already has a solid reputation and plenty of quality backlinks.

Using an established old domain makes it easier for a website to attract traffic while starting fresh with a new domain can be more challenging to gain visibility and views. That’s why many small business owners and content creators actively seek expired domains with high domain authority and a wealth of valuable backlinks, and this is where your expertise can be invaluable.

high demand and low competition fiverr gigs 2023

On platforms like Fiverr, you’ll notice that there are just 228 services listed for this niche. People want to hire professionals like you because they want a high-quality domain that has yet to be misused or associated with the wrong things.

If you decide to pursue this line of work, you’ll be pleased to know that the average salary for a domain consultant is $81,307. It’s a rewarding opportunity in the domain industry.

9. Case Study

A case study is an in-depth examination of a specific subject, a person, group, place, event, organization, or phenomenon. For instance, a case study can involve thoroughly analyzing and evaluating the performance and outcomes of a business or even everyday life situations.

high demand and low competition fiverr gigs 2023

To begin, you’ll need to listen to your clients and provide them with all the required details, data, and facts. For instance, in a business context, you might be tasked with preparing a comprehensive report on the company’s achievements over the past year.

On Fiverr, more than 5,271 services are listed for case studies. Like many Fiverr services, the starting rate for case study writing is $5. However, depending on your level of expertise, this rate can go up to nearly $300. It’s a flexible and potentially rewarding field to work in.

10. Website Banner

A website banner is like a welcome sign for a website. It’s the first thing visitors see and should tell them what the brand is all about. For example, if your client has an e-commerce site, they’ll want a banner related to selling, and for a used book website, it should be book-related.


high demand and low competition fiverrr gigs

Your job is to take the client’s information and design the banner. Like most design work, making unique and appealing banners requires creativity.

Most designers use Photoshop for this, but Canva is also a good alternative. On Fiverr, you’ll find more than 2,283 services for website banners. Prices typically range from $5 to $150 per project, depending on your skills and quality of work. It’s a flexible gig with the potential for good earnings if you’re skilled.


In conclusion, if you’re searching for high-demand, low-competition Fiverr gigs that can offer you an excellent earning opportunity, you’re in the right place. The online work landscape is evolving, and many people are looking for specialized services.

Whether you have a knack for certificate designing, Spotify banners, blog writing, infographics, gaming montages, legal writing, the Skyscraper technique, domain research, case studies, or website banners, there’s a niche for you.

Fiverr is a platform that connects service providers with those in need of their skills. While competition exists, you can stand out by offering unique and high-quality services. Remember, your earning potential depends on your expertise, dedication, and the value you provide to your clients.

So, don’t hesitate to explore these Fiverr gig ideas and take the opportunity to build a successful online freelance career. With the right skills and determination, you can thrive in the ever-evolving world of online work.

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