How to create a GIG on Fiverr that wins Orders

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Fiverr is one of the world’s largest Freelance Marketplaces. Getting orders on Fiverr is dependent on creating an attractive GIG that gets orders. When freelancers do not pay attention to minor details while creating a GIG, they doubt if it worth spending time on Fiverr. If you are a struggling freelancer on Fiverr and wondering why am I not getting orders on Fiverr, here’s what you could be doing wrong.

As a freelancer who has been freelancing for almost 2 decades, one question I am asked a lot is ‘Sir, why am I not getting orders on Fiverr?’

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I am going to explain every single factor that is very important, ignored, or perhaps overkilled resulting in a lack of orders on your Gig.

1- Lack of English/Communication Skills:

Your Gig is your resume and it can’t have serious English blunders such as:

  • “I am delivering a top-quality working service with 100% missile accuracy.”
  • “I have worked on 200+ projects in many other marketplaces. I’m a champion so don’t be confused about my skills please.”
  • “Before you order – Please please please, talk to me and brief your task project details”
  • “I am the best, you try – I deliver”
  • Choose me I am best otherwise your loss.
  • Need work, don’t fear – Raj is here.

Regarding English and communication blunders, I could go at length — but, I will stop here. A native English-speaking client would not pay heed to such Gigs and move to the next Gig to place their order.

What’s the solution?

I understand English is not your first language if you are an Asian but at least, you can try to improve it. One of the best ways to improve English is by reading a lot of English books, watching TV, and conversing with someone in English. With practice, you will get better. I highly recommend using Grammarly’s free widget that can be downloaded on your browser. It points out a spelling mistake in your writing and identifies the tone of your content too.

2- Your Price doesn’t make any sense:

$5 for 2 hours—that’s $2.50 per hour. $40 for 10 hours—that’s $4 per hour. The larger the order, the more the price per hour. This is not attractive pricing. You’ve to understand, the pricing should be standard.

3- Stop praising yourself:

If your Gig is all about you, how excited you are, how interested you are to get the new order and waiting for a response, or perhaps, you are new on Fiverr but have 10 years of experience. All of this doesn’t work, stop doing this!

Instead. shift the focus to the client. Tell them what you can do for them.

In my opinion, the above three elements are very important for creating an attractive Gig. Summarizing them again for you.

  • Clean up the English. Again, use the Grammarly widget.
  • Put a pricing program that makes sense. Don’t charge at will.
  • Explain what you can do for the client.

You Should Also Do This:

1. Optimize your Gig description. Spend some time looking at what others have done on their Gig. A Good Gig is friendly, to the point, concise, and uses correct categories and keyword tags. It is very important to break apart keyword phrases when you create tags

2. Create all possible Gigs you are allowed. This is basic, common-sense advice. The more Gigs you have, the higher the chances of getting an order. What is the point of not utilizing this offer?

3. Create similar Gigs with slightly different types of services. It is often noticed that when one Gig gets sold, others already begin to rank higher. Having more Gigs with a specific keyword tag helps to get more orders. A specific keyword tag will help a seller rank well for that term.

4. Promotion is very important. This is what you call a ‘dirty job’ and have to spread the word about your Gig. You can do it through word-of-mouth advertisement, using social media, and email promotion.

Submitting Offers to Buyer Requests:

Buyer offer is similar to projects posted on Upwork on Guru. The client posts a project for Fiverr freelancers to place an offer.

When buyers do not find what they are looking for in a Gig, they post a Buyer offer. If your Gig matches the subject of an offer, you see the offer request and can respond directly.

For example, if a client is asking for 20 video testimonials for a project, you offer video testimonials in your Gig, and you will see the buyer’s Gig (offer) request.

Note: Misuse of the Buyer Request feature by advertising your services as a seller leads your account to suspension (disabled)

How to get orders on Fiverr 2023? | Things you need to know today

The world’s workforce is going freelance. Fiverr is one of the world’s largest freelance marketplaces but getting orders on Fiverr could be a real pain. Buyers come on Fiverr, search for what they are looking for, and browse through different Gigs.

When they like a Gig that is a service showcasing attractive pictures, a complete description, a price, and a timeline, they buy that Gig by placing an order. The freelancer whose service is purchased delivers the order and gets paid.

The difference between Fiverr and other freelance marketplaces such as Upwork or Guru is control. On these direct bidding sites, the client posts a project, the freelancer places a bid, and if the client likes the proposal, they award the project.

The popularity of freelance sites is on the rise for online freelance jobs. In a freelance competition where all major sites are promoting a direct bidding model, Fiverr is a freelance marketplace that focuses on selling services.

As a freelancer on Fiverr, you do not have much control over your Gigs. However, If you do certain things right, your Gig gets promoted and possibly purchased.

So the million-dollar question is, what are those attributes that make a gig look promising, promoted, and attract orders?

Let’s dive in deep and look at those elements essential for highlighting a Gig and getting orders.

1- Title & Tags:

Here is what you can do to get started.

optimize title on fiverr

1. First, choose your Keyword for the category you want to create a Gig for.
2. Search on Fiverr and make sure that the results are sorted by “Relevance“.
3. Open the Gigs that are on Top (choose at least five).
4. Write the title of all five Gigs on a notepad.
5. Write Tags by copying from all gigs in Notepad.
6. Notice what is the common thing/element in all of those Titles.
7. Repeat the process for ‘Tags
(Shortlist five best/most used/common tags and you will get a shortlisted Tags and Titles list)
8. After the analysis is done, carefully create your Title.
9. Select your category and subcategory.
10. Now it comes to Tags. Write the Tags that you have shortlisted above. There is no need to change anything here, do not reinvent the wheel. The idea is to pick the footprints of successful Gigs and reproduce them.

Click on Save & Continue. You have completed the basic but most important phase.

2- Packages:

fiverr 3 packages

1. Again, search your Main Keyword on Fiverr.
2. This time make sure that the results are sorted by “Best Selling“.
3. Open 10 random Gigs.
4. Read their Packages thoroughly and carefully.
5. Analyse what is the common thing in all of those packages.
6. Pick those elements, reproduce them, and also reproduce similar “Extras
7. In short, Create Packages by looking at those successful Gigs that are already doing well on Fiverr.

3- Fiverr Description:

My recommendation for the Gig “Fiverr Description” is as follows:

1. The first line will contain my main Keyword. I would typically adjust it and write in my way.
2. In a new paragraph, I write what I will do basically – A very short answer and a previous result of a project.’
3. In a new paragraph, “Call To Action“, I will ask a question and provide a path for the buyer to reach out to me. It is very important.
4. Need to describe my working structure, how I work, and then an irresistible offer.
5. A detailed explanation of my service (key points should be in bullets)
6. Reasons to choose me. The ‘Why‘ is very important in attracting a view on the Gig.
7. What will the client get in the delivery? Source files etc.

Fiverr gig description example

4- Images/Videos:

Whatever you have done for point number 2, repeat this for images. The images used in a Gig should be nicely created, eye-catching, and attractive. An attractive image attracts clients and they click on your thumbnail. So an attractive, nice-looking thumbnail is a key here.

using multiple images/videos in a GIG on Fiverr

In the Gig, the importance of video cannot be ignored. If you look at the success pattern of high-ordered Gigs, you will observe they have videos, well, most of them do.

5- Promote Your Videos:

Now that you have created your Gig, one important step is to promote it on your social media. I would suggest using Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. These platforms let you make a public post (FREE) and use hashtags to reach out to different categories, for example, if you are a content writer, you can use #writer, or if you are a graphic designer, use #graphicdesign.

The best way to choose a hashtag is, to type in # and then write a word, for example, “graphic”. The platform will automatically give you all suggestions related to that keyword. Pick the one you feel fits best and use it.

In the post, use the link to your Gig. I would advise you to shorten the URL, many websites offer this free service. Use a nice image, write a little story about your service, use hashtags, and publish. You will see the difference in your Gig views within a few days.

6. Offer Bonuses:

Your gig description can include added benefits or bonuses. Your buyers will feel that they are getting more for the price they are paying if you do this. Don’t offer bonuses that will drain your resources.

7. Utilization of social media and Fiverr forums:

Promote your gig across various social media platforms and engage with Fiverr forums that relate to your gig. Connect with social media groups that share an interest in your gig and actively contribute by providing answers on StackOverflow. Take the opportunity to respond to questions on Quora as well. Consistently following this approach will enhance your experience with gigs and significantly boost your chances of securing your first order. I adopted this strategy, and it proved successful for me. I sincerely hope it proves beneficial for others as well.


Getting orders on Fiverr can be tricky but by following the basics and promoting your GIG on social media and most importantly, staying online most of the time so buyers can see your availability, you give yourself an outside chance of being noticed and contacted.

Fiverr Jobs for Beginners:

Now, let’s explore some of the top Fiverr jobs that are ideal for beginners:

a) Writing and Translation Services: If you have a flair for writing, offering content writing, copywriting, or translation services can be a lucrative option. Clients often seek writers who can produce engaging blog articles, website content, and product descriptions, or translate documents into different languages.

b) Graphic Design and Illustration: If you possess design skills, Fiverr offers a platform to showcase your creativity. You can create logos, infographics, social media graphics, book covers, or provide illustrations for various purposes.

c) Social Media Management: With the growing importance of social media, businesses require professionals to manage their social media accounts effectively. If you have a good understanding of platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, offering social media management services can be a valuable skill to monetize on Fiverr.

d) Voiceover and Audio Services: If you have a captivating voice, consider providing voiceover services for videos, commercials, audiobooks, or podcasts. Fiverr allows you to showcase your voice talent and cater to clients in need of high-quality audio recordings.

e) Website Development and Design: In today’s digital age, businesses, and individuals require attractive and functional websites. If you possess coding skills or expertise in website development platforms like WordPress, offering website design and development services can open doors to numerous opportunities on Fiverr.

Fiverr Gig Rank Checker: Boosting Your Visibility on Fiverr

As a freelancer on Fiverr, gaining visibility and ranking high in search results is essential for attracting clients and growing your business. Fiverr gig rank checker tools can provide valuable insights into the performance of your gigs and help you optimize them for better visibility. In this article, we will explore the significance of Fiverr gig rank checker tools, how they work, and effective strategies to boost your gig rankings on Fiverr.
Understanding Fiverr Gig Rank Checker Tools

a) How to Do Fiverr Gig Rank Checker Tools Work?

Fiverr gig rank checker tools analyze various factors that contribute to gig ranking. These tools consider parameters like gig title, description, tags, keywords, pricing, and overall performance to determine your gig’s ranking position in search results. By leveraging these tools, you can gain insights into how your gigs are performing and make informed decisions to enhance their visibility.

b) Popular Fiverr Gig Rank Checker Tools

There are several Fiverr gig rank checker tools available, each offering unique features and insights. Some popular tools include:

  • Fivlytics
  • Fiverr SEO Checker
  • Fiverr Gig Ranking Tracker

These tools provide data on your gig’s current ranking position, visibility score, and suggestions for optimization. Exploring different tools can help you find the one that best suits your needs.

How To Cancel An Order On Fiverr?

Fiverr is one of the world’s largest freelance marketplaces. Its uniqueness of enabling freelancers to find work in an unorthodox way has fetched the platform’s huge popularity in recent years.

Getting orders on Fiverr requires following the footprints of successful service providers by watching and reproducing their Gigs in a better way.

Sometimes, you get an order that does not match your expertise and you are not able to deliver. It’s a tricky situation. You do not want to lose a client and hurt your Fiverr profile.

On Fiverr, many elements affect your Gigs ranking. These elements include the following:

1. Reviews.

2. Your Average Selling Price.

3. Your orders are in Queue.

However, the most critical factors are:

1. Bad reviews can ruin not only your ranking but also your profile.

2. Cancellation rate can affect your Gig ranking but it won’t ruin your profile in any way. You can easily recover the loss.

In such circumstances, without suffocating your profile, here is what you need to do.

A step-by-step guide to cancel an order on Fiverr.

First of all, Go to your dashboard. Open up the order page of the order that you want to cancel. On the right sidebar, there will be a button with the text “Resolution Center“. Click that.


You need to click on the last one – Ask the buyer to cancel this order.




After clicking, you will see some more options. As shown in the screenshot



Do NOT select any random reason to get rid of the order and quickly cancel the order. This can create future problems. Your information populated here is kept as meta information and could affect the gig rank so you have to be careful.

For example, if my buyer has been responding to my queries or instructions, then there is absolutely no point in choosing the reason “The buyer is not responding“. This is misleading and will result in your Gig rank falling.

A lie makes the client angry, a good reason for you asking for a poor review.

If you don’t find your reason in the list, click on “Other” and then explain the exact reason in the below box.


At last, click on the “Send” button and you will be redirected to your order page. There you will see that the dispute is opened by you and you are waiting for the client to either accept it or reject it. If the client accepts it, your order will be canceled mutually.

Remember, a mutual cancellation does not hurt your Gig or profile in any way. Be transparent when you provide the reason for cancellation. If you cannot do it, you have to explain why you cannot do it.

Always communicate with your buyer before taking action. Taking them into confidence is key for successful freelancing on Fiverr.



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