The partnership of Easypaisa with Dukan simplifies e-commerce and digital payments

The partnership of Easypaisa with Dukan simplifies e-commerce and digital payments

Easypaisa, the top digital financial services platform in Pakistan, and Dukan, a top provider of e-commerce infrastructure, have announced a strategic alliance.

Significance of the Collaboration

The goal of this partnership is to provide customers using the Easypaisa MiniApps platform with a smooth and effective online ordering and digital payment experience.

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Easypaisa is dedicated to offering quick access to practical digital financial services because it is driven by the goal of completely changing the financial services industry in Pakistan. Dukan, on the other hand, focuses on creating e-commerce infrastructure and digital banking software to connect manufacturers, distributors, and retailers with integrated financial services.

Overview of Easypaisa MiniApps Platform

The flagship vertical of Easypaisa, the MiniApps platform, offers a comprehensive solution that allows users to explore various categories, place orders, and make payments through Easypaisa with just a few taps without ever leaving the app.

Integration of Dukan into Easypaisa MiniApps

Dukan will integrate partners into the Easypaisa MiniApp for the food and lifestyle categories in the capacity of an aggregator as part of the partnership. Users will be able to conveniently place orders and make payments within the Easypaisa app thanks to this integration.

Benefits for Consumers

By streamlining the ordering process, the strategic partnership hopes to provide users with a smooth and hassle-free experience. During its first phase, Easypaisa will integrate popular Lahore restaurants on the MiniApps platform, including Smash Burgers, Ammi ki Nihari, and Zenith Store.

Signing of Partnership Agreement

In front of senior representatives from both organizations at Easypaisa’s Islamabad office, Farhan Hassan, Head of Easypaisa Wallet Business, and Monis Rahman, Co-Founder of Dukan, signed the partnership agreement.

“At Easypaisa, we are committed to continually enhancing our platform and introducing new services to meet the evolving needs of our users,” Farhan Hassan said in response to the partnership. We are excited to work with Dukan to improve the Easypaisa platform’s user experience. Our goal with integrating lifestyle apps through Easypaisa is to give our customers more accessibility and convenience. This collaboration is a big step closer to reaching that objective.

Users of Easypaisa can anticipate a more simplified and effective ordering process thanks to this partnership, all within the Easypaisa app.

Easypaisa, which is committed to promoting financial inclusion through technological innovation, continues to lead Pakistan’s digital financial services market with over 40 million registered mobile accounts and counting.


The partnership between Easypaisa and Dukan marks a pivotal moment in the evolution of digital payments and e-commerce in Pakistan. By joining forces, they aim to redefine the way consumers shop online, making it more convenient, accessible, and efficient.

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