Here is how and why you should nurture greatness in your child

It is no doubt that all parents want to see their children grow up to be happy, healthy adults who achieve greatness. Many people have different views about greatness but it is basically a spark of innate genius which enables and motivates you to lead happy and fulfilled lives. By recognizing greatness as an inner quality that you are born with, empowers you to proactively and intentionally cultivate it within your child.

You don’t raise heroes but by teaching your children certain values in their childhood, you will help them to transform themselves into real heroes in future. Following are the ways you can nurture greatness in your child:

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Develop the concept of respect:

As a parent, it is your responsibility to make your children understand the concept of respect. Your children must be sensitive to other people’s feelings and emotions and how they should control their own emotions of anger so that they don’t hurt others.

Educate about values:

The world is a new place for children where they continuously explore new things. But you should initially educate your child about the importance of certain values like patience, apology, forgiveness, corporation, and consideration for other people. These are the lessons you need to teach at home.

Build up curiosity:

When your children are growing up, they are very curious about their surroundings. You will be faced with so many questions on a daily basis and will be asked until you satisfy them with answers. But never stop them from asking because this is the only way they will learn. Instead, encourage curiosity and help them learn about the world they live in.

Be their support:

Children are highly creative as well as enthusiastic especially during the age of 3 to 6 years. This is the time you need to support their imagination and help them express it in different ways. You can help them by being creative with them and helping them with the necessary steps.

Connect with them:

Most people think that providing children with a good education is enough to help them become happy and confident adults. Along with the necessities of life you also need to connect with them by listening to what they have to say to you. You must spend some time with your children to listen to their opinions on studies, play, and family matters. This will not develop a feeling of being considered but it will also make the bond stronger with your child.

Celebrate with them:

You as an adult may not give much attention to when your child makes the first drawing. But for your child, it is the first achievement of doing something with the imagination. So, don’t ignore their even smallest matters and appreciate them for their efforts. With your appreciation, they will be encouraged to excel in what they know best.

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