How coaching and mentoring drive success in your life

Have you ever thought how are you progressing with your goals? Are you going forward or you feel there is something holding you back from reaching success? It is natural to stumble upon roadblocks when you are pursuing your goals and face setbacks at some points.

You don’t realize that a change is difficult at its best and pressurizes you and make you believe that your setbacks are permanent. But this is when you confuse chaos and resistance as a setback and think it is not possible to reach the next level.

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This is where the coaching and mentoring helps you to drive success and reach your goals despite all odds. It helps you consider a situation from an entirely different perspective. The smartest thing you think at this time is to seek guidance from people in the field or getting advice from your closest family and friends.

Other people’s advice should no doubt be devalued; however, you need to be targeted and specific in whom you call upon for guidance. The guidance of a coach or a mentor can be invaluable in accelerating your success because they invite you to look at situations through a different lens, they see what you don’t.

Having a mentor or coach provides you an insight that how you should respond to a situation. Your mentor can help you during the challenging times in the following ways:

A mentor will help you build resilience:

When you are facing a challenge, you feel it’s only you who has been suffering. You forget to recognize that there are other people who may have faced the same challenges. This is where you need a mentor because then you will be provided with a completely different view of your situation. A mentor or coach will give you an insight on how you should react to a certain situation and recommit to work that you actually need to do. On your own, it will be very difficult to think of a different perspective but when a mentor will provide you with examples of people dealing with the same situation, everything will become easier for you.

Improve productivity and performance:

Often setbacks and failures leave you depressed and uninterested towards your goals. You cannot think of better ideas to become more productive and organized in your work. But a mentor can help you to improve your productivity as well as performance with the help of unusual ideas so that you can work better on the project you are stuck with.

Access to smart people:

You cannot meet new people when you are living in your own shell and thinking your typical ways. But a mentor can introduce to smart people whom you can never have access otherwise. Seeking smart and intelligent people is as important as to have shared values than a shared industry background. Once you meet such people, spend time with them to know them. They will show you in different ways that how you need to be in a certain situation and what are the ways that can help you reach your goals.

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Written by Hisham Sarwar

That is all you ever need to know about me but let me warn you, freelancing for me is a journey, certainly not a destination :)