6 Secrets of healthy people

In this era, where everything seems to be getting easier, becoming healthy is becoming more and more complicated. Even with millions of books, diets, pills, exercises etc. it seems that being healthy has never been so difficult. The truth is that being healthy should never be complicated. Being healthy is what your body aspires to because everyone is different.

Following are some guaranteed ways that can help you to improve your health and live a happy and healthy long life:

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Laughter therapy:

Laughter is no doubt the best medicine for your health and keeps you stress free in most cases. When you laugh, a flurry of chemical responses is released from your brain that is as powerful as an antidepressant. It gives your immune system a boost and has an anti-inflammatory effect on the blood vessels.

Enough sleep:

Most of the people don’t give importance to sleep, they think it wastes their time and stop them from doing their work. But, sleep deprivation has been linked to an endless list of increased health risks. Therefore, for living a healthy life, it is always advised to get an eight or nine hours of restful sleep.

Go outside:

Spending more time outside brings joy and happiness in your life. When you go outside in the daylight, it helps you use more of your abilities than what you use at home. Make a habit of taking a walk in the morning and it will improve your mental health, lower your blood pressure, and will reduce the risk of cancer.

Eat like the Japanese:

Eating like Japanese does not mean that you have to eat everything raw and with chopsticks. You need to understand the Japanese concept of food which means that you eat until you are 80% full. This means that you eat till you are satisfied but not full to bursting.

Exercise daily:

You need to make it a habit of doing exercise on daily basis. Doing exercise will help you maintain a healthy weight, improve your muscle strength, and to enhance your immune system. The physical activity not only improves your mood but also protect you from mental health disorders.

Work longer:

When you hear about retiring, you think it is just about doing nothing in later life. But retiring may mean ending your job but it does not mean to retire from the routine that you have set for yourself. If you stop doing your work, your mind will become dull. You can stop doing the hectic work but never retire from your daily physical chores as they keep you active and you live longer.

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