He never went to any school but he changed his destiny by using computer and internet.

A person who successfully ranked hundreds of keywords in Google without any black linking strategy has taught thousands of students worldwide. Abdul Wali Khan is a travel lover, a computer genius, an SEO consultant, web Developer, Blogger, and an online instructor.

Early Life:

Looking at the early days of Abdul Wali reveal a lot about his struggle to the point where he is now. He was born in FATA and was raised in Peshawar, Lahore, and Karachi. He was never able to attend any school, college, or university and worked as a biryani seller at a bus stop in Baldia Town, Karachi till 2007.

He started a mobile shop and worked till the age of 19. There he came to know about computer technology and acquainted himself with its knowledge. He gained more computer knowledge by doing courses from the local institutions in Karachi.

Professional Background:

Abdul Wali although being unaware of the school and college education, started learning English, internet, and computer around 2009. He gained knowledge in various fields but became experienced in Google search areas.

In 2010, he created his niche related to blogs on various topics. He started earning through Google AdSense and soon reached $1500 as his monthly earnings.


After gaining the experience of creating and selling a brand and becoming self-sufficient, he directed his efforts towards establishing the biggest Urdu Video Tutorial based blog in 2011. He started giving lectures about the most in-demand courses such as Word Press, Blogging, Online Marketing, Graphic Designing, MS Office, Web designing, etc. With the aim of doing something different, he taught free of any cost to anyone who wanted to learn.

His website is now a platform that has been able to successfully train thousands of people inside and outside Pakistan. His knowledge is not restricted to any culture or place, in particular, that is the reason many young individuals from Afghanistan, India, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Pakistan benefitted from his knowledge.

With the passage of time, he gained proficiency in English which encouraged him to create Flying to the world. A website where he shares his passion for traveling to different countries and wishes to travel to all countries in the near future.

He has roughy over 100,000 students based in 183 states. In 2015, with his continuous and sincere efforts, he became successful in earning $100,000 from his online course platform. A feat many Udemy and other website instructors still dream about.

In 2016, Abdul Wali presented Pakistan as the only instructor in Udemy Inaugural Conference for Instructors in San Francisco, USA. The efforts of Abdul Wali are still continuing because he aims to do something different for his country in the coming days.

Freelancing is here to stay, the internet is a vast medium, and anyone who is passionate, determined to shape their future can earn online.



Written by Hisham Sarwar


That is all you ever need to know about me but let me warn you, freelancing for me is a journey, certainly not a destination :)