Google’s Amazing New Photo Sharing features are rolling out

Google has brought a recent update to its platform and has dedicated a sharing tab to the app. This latest update helps users to have different ways for sharing their photos. The app with its update will now even suggest photos for you to share and to whom you want to share them with.

The feature of this update is mostly based on facial recognition. Upon knowing sharing of images with a specific person or a particular email address, Google will make suggestions to send them new photos of yours. This is kind of an automatic sharing of images for which the photo sharing tabs will a feed of all the photos. It will also share the albums that have been shared with the users which will make it easier for sharing their photos. The unique thing about Google’s update is the automatic sharing.

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This is an optional feature and interested users will be able to have Google photos automatically to share the images with another person. This will be of a great helps to users who are parents as they will be able to automatically send photos of their children with their spouse.

Privacy might be a concern in the automatic sharing of images but this is suggested only when you are comfortable with the person sharing it. This is a very good update but it may have flaws which make some photos accidentally sent to the other person. But this feature is really helpful for the parents in particular.

Via: The Verge

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Written by Hisham Sarwar

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