Google AdSense now supports Urdu Language websites

Google created its AdSense program to allow advertisers to show contextual ads on a blog. It is considered one of the best monetization ad networks that are available for websites nowadays. This is a good way for people to make money using Google AdSense as they earn revenue just by clicking on their ads. But all the features that were being offered up till now did not include the Urdu Websites. But recently, Google has made an announcement regarding its AdSense program according to which it Urdu will be supported as an official language for its AdSense program.

Because of this new development, all the AdSense ads will be allowed to be displayed on all the Urdu websites and advertisers will have the chance to earn money with them. According to Google, the recent demand for the Urdu content on the internet has compelled the company to include as a supported language for the platform.

With this addition, the Urdu websites can now easily apply for the AdSense accounts and can check their terms of services before applying. This will be to make sure that the chances of them getting hired for the program to have increased over the period of time. This is a good step for the Urdu websites to monetize their content and increase the use of such websites.