Adobe releasing analytics tools

A new set of analytical tools has been recently introduced by Adobe. To help various brands to take advantage of the conversational data for improving targeting and conversions, Adobe has launched Sensei for voice.

According to Adobe, this is the kind of analytical tool that can that can consume data from Alexa, Siri, Cortana, Google Assistant, as well as Bixby. Both user intent and contextual data have been captured by the company. This will allow Adobe to track the actions of its users who most often take with their conversational AI and anything the regularly interact with. This will help brands and developers to have a complete access to the frequency of user interactions. It will take in the sequential actions taken once engaging with the service. Amazon has also offered its own tool in order to assist gathering and to aggregate similar metrics. This comprises of total customer interactions, the usage time, and the frequency of intent.

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Adobe has been focusing a lot towards the market potential for the conversational AI. The metrics released by the company recently indicates Amazon Echo Dot is leading in this area. Even the market competition is tough; Adobe has already strengthened its relationship with the brands. This makes Adobe a very good player among others in the market.

Via: Tech Crunch

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