Google is all set to compete with SnapChat

Google is reported to be working upon on a product known as Stamp. This product is expected to serve up articles in a mobile magazine-like design. This product is a copy of SnapChat’s service known as Discover. This product evolved from media relationships that Google already has for another of its product known as AMP. This article is also meant to load the articles quickly.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the success of open source AMP project depends upon the constant collaboration with publishers. This involves publishers to constant work on the upcoming features. This feature has not been made available to the public yet but Google plans to roll out soon.

Because of this, the parent company of SnapChat i.e. SnapChat Inc. is under pressure for providing its users with unique services. But these services are being copied one by one by some of the leading networks. SnapChat is trying its best to invent unique ways of communicating on mobile phones but those are also being copied by the Facebook Inc. recently, Google has also started following Snap’s creations.

Snap on the other hand has been focusing on more episodic video content by changing the Discover function of its application.

Via: Bloomberg

Written by Hisham Sarwar

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