Google Play to boost rankings of high quality apps

Thousands of apps are added everyday on Google Play Store which makes it bloated with poor quality software. The play store is not just loaded with kame games but there are badly-coded monstrosities that get crashed often and result in draining a device’s battery.

For this purpose, Google has recently announced to roll out few changes to the play Store. This will help users to find out apps that actually function properly. According to Google, the biggest concern about the apps available on Play Store is their stability. This is the reason that Google has switched up its search to just favoured apps and games of improved quality.

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The company in its blog posts stated that,

As part of the company’s efforts to provide best possible experience for Google Play, the search and discovery algorithms have been recently enhanced which will have a clear effect on the platform’s quality. This will help the highly quality apps to surface on the Play Store instead of poor quality similar apps.

This type of change should have been brought a lot earlier by Google and no poor quality apps should have made it to the platform in the first place. The change may be brought late but it’s a good one. For the app developers, it is going to be a motivation for improving quality of their apps.

Via: The Next Web

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Written by Hisham Sarwar

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