Google Chrome Offline feature is making it a superb bonafide offline reader

In December, Google had incorporated some of the features in Android that involved the ability for downloading pages for an offline use. Now, Chrome’s offline feature has been given an upgrade that is helpful when there is low connectivity and users are reading a Wikipedia articles. Now, you can long-press on any link and just tap the new download link option which will make it easy to build up a queue of articles.

Also, for accessing a page offline, you can tap on the download page later to have it loaded as soon as you connect again. This is a great help when there is a low connection like in subways. The articles downloaded with an offline mark will now be shown on a new tab page.

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These additions to Chrome can take it a long way and will make other webpage-savings apps such as Pocket seems a bit less valuable. There are no updates whether this addition will also become a part of iOS or not but this feature has been rolled out for the latest version of Chrome on Android.

Via: The Next Web

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Written by Hisham Sarwar

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