New creative tools by SnapChat

Due to heavy reliance on millennial, maintaining a high engagement level is extremely challenging for a company such as SnapChat. Among all the companies that had early leads while entering the competitive arena, SnapChat is considered one of the early adopters as well as trendsetters.

After every short period of time, the company launches major updates to make the platform more improved. Recently, two major changes have been brought and these are pretty big ones. The first one is the Limitless Snaps, which allows your friends to view your images for as long as they want. These are not going to disappear after some time. For this purpose, you only have to select the infinity icon within the timer and the video or image will remain present until it’s closed eventually.

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Another major update is the incorporation of looping videos which have been long awaited on the app. The process is self-explanatory and simple to be understood at once.

The App has also been loaded with features that make it easier for expressing one’s self on the platform. But if you want to erase something you want to remove within your photo snap, Magic Eraser will help you with that. This tool can be accessed by selecting the Scissors tool and then choosing the Star icon to make anything in your snap disappear. It also enables you to draw emojis on your images or your friend’s images. There is no specific update when the features will become available in the Play Store or App Store but these surely will be making their way to your phones very soon.

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