Five Best Apps for domestic, international VOIP calls

Nowadays, there are so many phone apps available that can make a better phone call without any cost. Out of these apps there are few that actually are helpful in making a good quality call. We may have these apps on our devices but do not realize their importance.

These apps use up some amount of data from the phone but do not affect the data usage when you are not using WiFi. These apps do not make users to linger on for logging in, these are quick and essentially free for making national or international calls.

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All these apps are not perfect; some have features that might be beneficial to one group of users. Therefore following is the list of popular apps that can be chosen according to one’s needs.

Facebook Messenger:

Facebook is something used by everyone and its messenger is the most popular for texting. But it has also gives you the advantage of making good quality call over your data and WiFi connection. Audio calls and video calls are both a part of Facebook messenger which can be made for the computer as well.

Google Hangouts:

Google’s desktop Gmail users have long been familiar with its chat feature. That chat service has now evolved in to “Hangouts” which include voice calls as well as video calls. These calls can be made on both mobile and computers.


Skype has always been the first option for web users for making long distance calls. It actually gained popularity for its video calling feature. Now Skype can be used for making both kinds of calls on computers as well as mobiles.

FaceTime Audio (iPhone Only):

This app is just for iPhone and Mac users and can be used only if the other person has these devices for receiving the call. FaceTime is also known for its video calls in iPhone’s but it can be used for making both kinds of calls.


The world’s favorite messaging services is showing no signs of sinking popularity despite of its two shortages. It does not have any video call feature and the audio calls cannot be made to computers. But it does make calls better than the regular phone calls.

Via: Business Insider

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