Social media account’s transition to Trump

Social media has leveled the channels of communication to allow an individual to be friends even with a sitting president. The inclusion of these channels in politics has enabled common citizens to interact with their leaders and convey their messages directly without any interference.

During the administration of Barack Obama, White House became open to all the social media activities. The president went live on Facebook, posted videos on YouTube, and got his personal Twitter account @POTUS. This administration welcomed all new ways of communication for the White House.

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But as the new president has been elected, now there is a transition of these accounts to take place. Obama in his recent interview stated that he wants this transition to be successful between the previous and new presidency. Transitioning of social media accounts is an important part after Trump officially takes over the presidency.

All the social media accounts will be undertaken on January 20th, when Donald Trump will formally acquire the Presidents’ place. And before he takes everything into his account, all the posts from Obama administration will be archived on a specially created social media account. This will be done by National Archives and Records Administration (NARA).

This means that all the posts that are currently available on @POTUS Twitter account will be available on @POTUS44 from January 20th. After that all the eleven million followers of the Obama’s presidency days will be transferred to Trump @POTUS but nothing will be present on the page. The same will happen for Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and all the other accounts that remain under Obama’s administration.

But there is nothing to worry about the hours of Obama’s videos and all of his Tweets, as they will be available on a new account forever.

Via: Business Insider


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