Adding ‘Social media guru’ to your resume can land you in good job

Almost everyone in today’s world is used to browsing their Facebook and Instagram accounts on daily basis. But there are very few people who actually understand the power of social media for marketing products and services to customers. But now you can be counted among one of those limited skilled individuals. You can do this by taking the Silicon Valley Social Media Marketing Course. This is a certification that can prove that you are a talented individual.

It is available for $29 from TNW Deals and is a complete training bundle for everyone. This course has 12-module collection which will make a person the most demanded expert the marketers always search for. This module will help you to target the audience you want to cater to from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, LinkedIn, Tumblr, and Reddit.

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This course will help you to get a better understanding of majority of the marketing principles such as how to grow social media reach for a product, bring in new customers, and generate revenues. This will explain to the trainees the reason for social media to be more affective on certain users which will help them to improve customization for their campaigns on very level.

The learners will get certification from Silicon Valley Digital Marketing Institute which will help the individuals to get a better salaried job by working for major companies. Currently the Silicon Valley Social media Marketing Course is available on TNW Deals with a 90 percent discount which is a good opportunity for people who are interested in taking it.



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