Fake accounts and Facebook’s latest effort for curbing fake news

During the final three months of the 2016 American Presidential election, Facebook was criticized a lot for having fake stories on its platform. The social media giant seems to be taking action to curb fake news issues by removing fake accounts.

The company’s security team is making an effort to figure out the accounts that have been created false names. The reason is that these are the account holders who are responsible for posting fake stories on the platform. In France, Facebook has almost canceled 30,000 fake accounts.

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The one way the Facebook team will be looking to determine a fake account is the repeated posting of the same information. The team also hunts for users who get an increased messaging on Facebook’s messaging system. According to the statement by the Facebook’s security company, users represent themselves on Facebook in the same way as they do in real life, they act responsibly, but unfortunately, this pattern is not followed on the digital platform. This is the reason that it becomes responsible for developing fake news. The company has made improvements to determine such fake accounts. This will be done more easily by following patterns of user’s activity even without accessing the content posted.

The reposting of the same content may not be the only way to determine a fake account, there can also be unusual spikes in a user’s communication activity to indicate a false account. Facebook’s new security efforts may not please everyone but this is something that can make it easier for the company to respond to reports of abuse and prevent accounts from being compromised.

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Written by Hisham Sarwar


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