Facebook is opening its first data centre in Asia

Facebook is opening its first data center in Asia. The social media giant unveiled its plans for opening a 11-story building in Singapore. The new facility, first ever in Asia will help the services run faster and smoothly all across Asia. The confirm confirmed the development will cost SG$1.4 billion, or around US$1 billion

The building will be powered completely by renewable energy and will also have a ‘StatePoint Liquid Cooling’ system technology, which the firm claims minimizes the consumption of water and power.

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Facebook told that the project will create hundreds of new jobs in the country, region and “form part of our growing presence in Singapore and across Asia.”

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Asia Pacific has around 894 million monthly users. This number is almost 40% of the world’s total Facebook users. Factor is the Chinese population where Facebook is banned.

Facebook’s revenue generation in the region is lagging as compered to the US. According to Facebook, Asia Pacific had a sales of $2.3 billion in last quarter and it is only 18% of total revenue, less than half of what US market generates.

Visit Facebook.com/SingaporeDataCenter for additional information and fortisconstruction.com/international for construction opportunities.

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