Facebook is making a speaker with 15 inch touch screen

Facebook is reportedly working on its own speakers. Although not many details are known about the speaker’s functionality, it indicates that this device will extend the platform’s feed of photos and videos and will retain its value as one of the dominant messaging platform.

According to reports, the device will include a 15-inch touch screen and will work as a digital photo frame when inactive. Using voice commands, users will also be able to potentially like and leave comments relating the content.

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Allowing messaging from speakers is very sensible of Facebook which will include voice dictated messages, VoIP audio calls as well as video calling. This speaker has the potential to become a high tech home phone for a larger number of audiences to use including younger kids and grandparents. This can also help Facebook to earn money directly from selling a smart speaker. This would give another place to run ads on the screen.

Right now, Facebook isn’t the only company making efforts to bring the next high tech speaker in your home as Apple unveiled its HomePod last month and Amazon revealed its own Echo family of devices previously. Facebook might not have been forced or pressurized to work on voice technology but the company’s interest is making it move in this direction. It might not be difficult for Facebook to develop a device that could release its News feed and Messenger from eh confines of a smartphone. This is no doubt is another way to make people stick to their favorite social media platform.


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Written by Hisham Sarwar


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