Galaxy Note 8 might beat the iPhone 7 Plus, here is why

Samsung’s flagship handset i.e. the Galaxy Note 8 is now expected to be added with Dual lens camera on the back along with many other features similar to the Apple’s iPhone 7. Previously the company wanted to equip the handset with a dual lens shooter at the back but changed its decision afterword. The dual camera feature will be the Galaxy Note 8 significant feature.

When it comes to good looking phones, Samsung has a lot to offer. The company focuses a lot on the core designs of all of its models. Not only has the design, the company also made real efforts to add latest features to its handsets.

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According to the predictions of the analysts, the Galaxy Note 8 might come up with a better dual camera than the one that is present in Apple’s iPhone 7 Plus. The upcoming flagship device is expected to have a 3x optical zoom as compared to the 2x of the iPhone 7 Plus’s. Also, both of the Galaxy Note 8 camera lenses will feature the optical image stabilization (OIS).

On the other hand, the iPhone 7 Plus has OIS only on its main camera and not the telephoto lens. This indicates that Galaxy Note 8 will get OIS on zoom which is something that iPhone 7 Plus does not have.

Moreover, when it comes to mega pixels, Apple’s iPhone 7 has two 12-mega pixel camera. But the Galaxy Note 8 is expected to have a wide-angled lens that has a 13-megapixel sensor.

Via: BGR

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