Facebook LIVE now supports 4K streaming

The Facebook’s 360-degree live video platform is something that is very popular among the viewers. This platform has now been updated recently for both creators and viewers. Now, it is possible to view live stream 360-degree video ranging up to 4K resolution.

This update has increased the reliability of streaming for viewers with capable monitors and creators with a strong streaming gear. Not only this, these live streams are also accessible in the virtual reality. For pages that support nonprofit are allowed by Facebook to incorporate a donate button in order to raise money from the viewers.

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Facebook has been long making efforts to make its social network a premier destination for the video formats of the next generation. This new update will help its video platform to become more appealing for both users and creators. Facebook has been experimenting a lot with its platform whether it’s for virtual reality with its acquisition of the Rift-maker Oculus or may it be the 360-degree video.

Facebook has also announced its partnership program that confirms third-party hardware and software products. Programs that are inspected by Facebook’s internal team will be listed as products which will be capable of producing improved quality products.

Via: The Verge

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Written by Hisham Sarwar


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