Every trending app on the internet has one ‘similar’ social curiosity pattern and people fell prey to it

Have you ever noticed that all the world’s popular mobile apps have one thing in common?. They engaged people, make connections and most importantly. they create curiosity.

Humans have always been curious to know what other people think about them. They have an interest in knowing about the activities of people connected to them. Internet is no different, the same psychological behavior follows the online world too.

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One of the primary reasons for the success of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter is people’s curiosity. People want to see others engaging in their content and they want to know about other people activity.

The engaging activity of spending time on different apps, interacting with each other, liking their videos and photos keeps people busy. Because of people’s activity, the app owners make a dime in the process — growing their wealth every minute.

It was just about a year back, an app Sarahah became extremely popular, literally broke the Internet.

The app allowed people to anomalously share their views about an account holder. It was an app created by a Saudi mobile app developer. The idea was simple, you download the app, a unique link is given to you, share it on your social media to allow people to share their views about you while hiding their identity. The level of curiosity skyrocketed, making the app the most trending on all stores for almost a week.

Human curiosity made the app popular because the social behavior was nicely plugged inside the app while secretly hiding the sender’s identity. People wanted to know — how much they are loved and what do others think about them.

Another app has taken the internet by the storm in the last 72 hours. The app is called ‘FaceApp‘. It is on its way of breaking the internet by letting people pick the pictures from the photo gallery of their phone and seeing how different they can look by applying different filters such as putting on beard, different hair and even an AI-based opposite gender.

The most popular filter is the old age filter and celebrities all over the world are crazy using it. People are posting these pictures on Instagram and Facebook. When celebrities introduce something, it becomes a trend on the internet for others to follow.

If your timeline on Instagram and Facebook is bombarded with pictures of your friends looking old, don’t worry, according to Forbes about 150 million people have allowed the app to use their pictures in the matter of few hours without being concerned about the privacy threats in the future.

Problem is, we humans want to be praised, acknowledged and loved. Every now and then, similar app strikes the Internet and people madly follow the trend in curiosity, making the app trending and popular.

Little do they know, they may be compromising their privacy by giving their data to the app owner. It could be manipulated in the long run.

We’ll wait till the dust settles down for FaceApp before a new app takes the Internet by storm again.

Remember, your privacy on the internet is in your hands, be safe, stay safe.

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Written by Hisham Sarwar


That is all you ever need to know about me but let me warn you, freelancing for me is a journey, certainly not a destination :)