How Technology Can Keep Your Business Safe

Although the internet and emails are wonderful, and many businesses rely on them almost entirely to be successful, they also pose a big threat to the security of those businesses. Cyberattacks can be put in place by criminals who don’t need to be anywhere near your business in order to steal some of its most precious assets, such as customer banking information. 

So, what can be done? In most businesses, the internet needs to be used to run the business, but it also could lead to a lot of problems. Are you simply leaving yourself open to attack? The answer is no. If you use technology in the right way, you can keep your business safe. 

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Check Emails 

Many of the viruses, trojans, adware, and malware that can attack computers (often without anyone knowing until it is too late), come into your business through email. Therefore, it makes sense that you should check all emails thoroughly before you open any attachments, or click on any links. If you do this you could be opening a virus, or heading to a dangerous website that can steal your information. 

To make sure that your emails are as safe as possible, choose a provider that is well known and has security as its top priority – you can read reviews to determine whether this is the case. Train your staff to understand the dangers as well; if they don’t then how will they know what to do to stop them? 

Installing virus protection and capture software from Sonicwall Online on your network can also help as, should anything get through your other security measures, you can still stop it from doing any harm. Such software may require customers to have a pre-existing firewall appliance in place, however, this can be worth it in the long run. 

Install A Firewall 

A good quality firewall can do a lot to help you protect your business from cyber threats and criminals. The firewall effectively analyses all the data that comes into your business, and blocks anything that seems suspicious, or that falls within certain parameters that you have previously set. This ‘buffer zone’ prevents any mixing of your private network and the internet at large, unless you want it to happen, and can stop all kinds of cyber-attacks from getting through. 

Sometimes it can be tempting to turn the firewall off or lower the security because you’ll find that it is preventing useful emails from coming through or stopping you from accessing specific sites. If you do this, make sure you turn it back on again, otherwise, anyone and anything will get through. 

Browser Security 

You might have everything in place that you need to, and then go online and it all comes undone because your browser itself is not secure. This could be a disaster, but it is something that can be dealt with. To begin with, if you are asked to update your settings through your computer, make sure you do it. It can be irritating and take up time, but you are being asked for a reason, and the more up to date your settings are, the safer everything is too. 

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