FaceApp Now Owns Access To More Than 150 Million People’s Faces And Names

It started as a fun experiment to see how graceful and sexy you would look when you grow old. The curiosity engaged people further in the app and in the process, FaceApp gained access to 150 million people faces and names and this is a serious concern now.

The viral app gave people the power to bring physical change on their facial attributes and people gave the app the power to access their pictures and names. The company now can use your data whenever— however, and whatever way they may feel it best fits in.

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Boy, we thought we learned from Cambridge Analytica data leak but that’s not true. At the time of writing this article, according to App Annie, 100,000 million people have downloaded the app from Google Play. On iOS, FaceApp is now the top-ranked app iOS App Store in about 121 countries.

As former Rackspace manager Rob La Gesse mentioned today on Forbes:

To make FaceApp actually work, you have to give it permissions to access your photos – ALL of them. But it also gains access to Siri and Search …. Oh, and it has access to refreshing in the background – so even when you are not using it, it is using you.

While it is too early to speculate if FaceApp is an evil plot by Russians to gain access to your data, the fact that you can still choose not to use it is your own discreet decision.

Here is what Washington posts suggest you should know about FaceApp.



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Written by Hisham Sarwar


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