Develop an unbreakable mental resilience and gain control of your life by following these 5 rules

How do you deal with difficult events that change your life? The death of a loved one, losing your job, getting seriously ill, or any other traumatic events are all the examples that make your life extremely challenging. Mostly you adapt well with these experiences and what enables you to do so is your mental resilience. It is an ongoing process that requires time and with proper tools and perspective, you can build yourself into a resilient and strong individual.

Following are the few ways with which you can develop an unbreakable mental resilience and gain control of your life:

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Let go of things:

You can train your mind to become resilient by increasing your tolerance for pain by letting go of how things should be and accept them as they are. When you link your happiness with someone or something, it causes hurt and loss of control when the expectations are not met. Therefore, increase your tolerance and let go of things that hurt you.

Stay connected to your support system:

You cannot live your life alone nor can you achieve success, therefore, stay connected to your friends, family, and people whom you trust. It is a terrible idea to become the strongest among all because you need people to help you with your needs. Support of your loved ones is the best medicine that you can take when you are in a difficult situation.

Learn to take responsibility:

You can build mental resilience when you take responsibility for your feelings and your actions. This is the only way to build your emotional toughness on accepting the feelings that scare you the most and cause a lot of pain.

Spend time alone:

There are a lot of people who hate being alone. This is the reason that they keep the TV turned on when they are alone or keep scrolling through the social media platforms aimlessly. But this does not help anyone. You must learn to be alone with yourself, listen to the voice in your mind, and pay attention to your heart’s desires. Schedule your time alone and begin with five minutes daily. It will help you gain better control of your feelings and your overall mental state will improve.

Love people who hurt you:

This may seem the most absurd idea you have ever read but it does make a lot of sense if you step outside your ego. It is because when you actually let go, you forgive, and gain more control over your feelings as well as mindset. This enables you to take away the power from someone else who gained it through hurting you. This action will make you more mentally resilient and you will overcome the feelings of anger and hurt.

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