Solitude is bliss – 10 Ways to enjoy your time alone

Don’t be upset when your family or friends are busy and you don’t have anyone to spend your time with. Learn to enjoy your time alone and remember the song by the Australian band that sings

Company’s okay,

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Solitude is bliss,

But there is a party in my head and no one’s invited.

You have to set everything for that party and you don’t need anyone else for that solitude is bliss. You just need how you can actually enjoy it; following are the few ways to keep in mind:

Build up your tolerance:

Spending time alone may make your blood run cold but you can start off slowly. Find activities that distract you from the thinking that you are alone and also calm you down while you enjoy doing them

Ask your own self:

It does feel pretty good to get remarks or texts from people praising you for what you did. But the real validation should come from within and for that you need to listen to the inner voice which can only be done in your time alone. Once you actually tune into yourself, you will soon realize you don’t need anyone to share your time with.

Snag new hobbies:

If you really get tired spending your time alone, then snag some new hobbies. The silence you get while staying alone can be used to read, knit, or paint the creative ideas that arise in your mind.

Stay away from the phone:

Spending time alone requires you to stay away from any digital connection especially your phone. Status updates, texts, or any other kind of notifications will actually kill the true purpose of your spending time alone. Therefore, place your phone out of sight and enjoy our own company.

Be true to yourself:

You can hide your emotions from other people but you cannot hide them from your own self. You only suppress them and they feel like a burden you drag on your whole life. Alone time is a great opportunity for you to know what’s going on inside your head.

Use it for your advantage:

Think of alone time as the biggest advantage for doing the fun thing you have been longing to do. Listen to your favorite music, get all the cleaning done, or mend something that you broke earlier.

It’s good for you:

Spending time alone is good for you and you have to make yourself understand that. In this time, gain a better understanding of who you are and it will help you make better choices about who you want to be around and what you actually want to do.

Invest in yourself:

Use the alone time to make investment on yourself. Learn a musical instrument, work on blog you have always thought about, or write the book etc. Your time alone will help you focus better on yourself and you will be able to get done with your entire to-do list.


Your time alone can be best used to pamper yourself and relax. Take care of yourself, drink your favorite tea or coffee, cook your favorite food, and relax. Don’t think about anything going around and you will feel happy throughout the time.

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