Could a selfie help save your life?

Selfies from your smartphone are now going to help with any possible indication of pancreatic cancer. According to Washington University’s researchers, an app is being created in order that could analyze selfies for detecting signs of the disease. The app known as BiliScreen is not just the app for detecting pancreatic cancer but it will also be useful for other diseases such as jaundice or hepatitis, USA Today reported.

The app works with the smartphone camera using a series of algorithms for inspecting the level of bilirubin in the whites of an individual’s eyes. This accumulation of bilirubin is an indication of the initial stages of pancreatic cancer as well as other diseases like jaundice and hepatitis. Upon experimentation, the results were found to be 90% accurate. The app will help people to get identified about any symptoms of such disease without going to the clinics. A person can start the treatment early if he/she detect any signs and can prevent from getting caught with the severity of the disease.

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For now, the app is working with a 3-D printed viewer like the Google’s cardboard VR headset along with a pair of glasses for adjusting the colors. But the main aim of the researchers is to find a way to run the app without using any accessories.

Pancreatic cancer has the lowest survival rates as compared to all other cancers so detection of this disease is very much needed. This app will be a great help for lowering down the number of people losing their lives with pancreatic cancer.

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