Apple replacing the home button on iPhone Edition

By eliminating the home button in its tenth-anniversary device, Apple wants to transform the way people use the iPhones, The Next Web reports. It has made adjustments to its device for introducing a bezel-less iPhone 8. According to Bloomberg, the newly leaked images of the flagship device indicate that it will replace the physical home button with a thin bar at the end of the screen and gesture controls.

According to reports, some might have expected a virtual home button but instead, users will be able to drag the thin bar to the center of the screen to open iOS 11’s multi-tasking panel. It can be further dragged up to return to the home screen. Also, it has been reported that a dock similar to the ones on iPads running iOS 11 will be implemented by Apple. It does not explain how users will be able to access it though.

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It might get messy when things are done a bit fast such as playing a game that requires a user to flick upward for controlling a character or object. But the new iPhone may change the habits of its users by providing them with a beautiful bezel-less screen.

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