iPhone Edition is the new apple flagship


Still few more days before Apple ends all the curiosity surrounding the new iPhone on September 12. There have been some leaks, some videos have been made showcasing the features and the specs but there seems to be a last minute interesting revelation regarding the new iPhone names.

9to5Mac has some interesting insight about the new name of iPhone. The site claims that Major Apple casemakers updating internal SKUs to ‘iPhone 8’, ‘iPhone 8 Plus’ and ‘iPhone Edition’

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The new names of the 10 anniversary edition of iPhones could be

  • iPhone 8
  • iPhone 8 Plus
  • iPhone Edition

So the question here is what is the difference between these phones. The report clarifies after having spoken to two well-known case makers and according to them, the “iPhone 7s” is going to be actually the new “iPhone 8” and similarly “iPhone 7s Plus” will be “iPhone 8 plus”. Basically the new iPhone will be the sequel to the current iPhone 7.

Disappointed?. Eh…Wait – here is the actual part.

The new redesigned flagship which we have been discussing all these months with new features, all screen font will be called “iPhone Edition”

The pre-order will start on September 15th and delivery will start on September 22th .


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