Computer Science is dying


Innovations during the recent decades bring many wonders in the today’s era of technology, just like Smart homes and Wireless Robotics, computers are everywhere – I accept – but “Computer Science” is not everywhere.

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Are you a Student of Computer Science? I bet most of you are not familiar with what exactly computer science is.

Let’s first see how Computer Science is described.

“Computer Science (field of Study) is defined as the Science of Problem Solving. Computer scientists must be adept at modeling and analyzing problems. They must also be able to design solutions and verify that they are correct. Problem solving requires precision, creativity, and careful reasoning.”
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In the Light of above definition – we have seen that computer science is majorly focused on Problem solving – in fact, it’s all about the ways and techniques to solve a problem. So, we can say that Computer science is about enhancing a person’s ability to creatively solve a problem.

The Problem Solving Nature:

In Pakistan, where there is a computer college in almost every city and town – how can we say that it’s a dying field? No, Computers are not dying, but however, the ‘Problem Solving’ nature of Computer Scientists is dying in those Low-quality institutes where computer science is all about learning a programming language like C++ or it’s all about learning to use a specific software.

Although, Pakistan has grown much in IT, innovations and Technology, but even the professional universities and Institutes narrowed the vast field of CS to the already defined methods and algorithms. Pakistan is far behind in research too, and this is just because of the education system – giving rise to the slaved minds with not much creativity.

Skill vs Logics:

It’s important to first understand the difference between a skill and a ‘logical reasoning’. Skill means to be able to do a specific work or to be proficient in a professional field whereas, logical reasoning means to solve a problem with the best technique possible.

Let’s understand it with an example:

“Computer science (field) is majorly focused on algorithms. If a student knows development in java it’s his skills, however, if he knows how to make his own algorithm – that’s the logic. That algorithm can then be coded in any of the programming language.”

Too much Information – No Knowledge at all!

As you no understand how the core of computer science is dying and how it’s limited to learning only a programming language, we have to look at the aspects and reasons why it is so. We have a plenty of Information over the internet but we don’t have enough Knowledge. From millions of site over the Internet, there are very few which actually contains the ‘Knowledge’ – all others are having unverified, impure Content.


Computer Science is a field focused on developing new and new theories to solve problems in future. It’s needed that we should retain the ‘Problem Solving’ nature. We should have to develop creativity In our students and it’s a need to help them realize that how they differ from other areas of technology.  Government should take action to verify the quality of education in Computer Science colleges.

If that will not be done soon, then we will only come up with the minds with a lot of skills and information but low power of imagination.

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