YouTube Announces YouTube Community

YouTube will become a social network now

In order to make YouTube more engaging, the company has announced an introduction of a new feature called “YouTube Community“. It was announced on YouTube Official Blog today that company is planning to introduce the service worldwide soon after beta testing is done.

The YouTube Community feature is very exciting and promises more engagement, better bond between channel owners (content creators) and their audience.

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YouTube Community will let channels better engage with their audience, beyond video. They will be able to do things like uploading live video, pictures, GIF and text and users will be able to vote (uo, down like in videos) or comment on the post making YouTube Community a social network.

The new innovative feature will create more channels, better content creation as channels will be able to communicate with their users directly. For viewers, the posts will be visible in Subscriptions feed and they can also opt-in for notifications from your favorite channels.


YouTube has also hinted rolling out new features soon on their official blog


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