College Dropout Millionaire Matt Mullenweg, Founder WordPress

Before launching a startup, people try to correlate an entrepreneur’s age. They think that success of any business is closely related with a person’s age. But researches have proved that age is just a number when it comes to entrepreneurial success.

Success is how you define it and people accomplish the goals they set. That also happened with the Matthew Mullenweg who became an online social media entrepreneur at the age of 22.

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Matthew was born on January 11, 1984 in Houston, Taxes. He started doing his majors in political science from the University of Houston but dropped out in 2004 and preferred doing a job in CNET Networks. From the b2codebase, Mullenweg started WordPress in 2003.

In August, 2005 Matt launched Automatic. It was a platform that provided free WordPress blogs and supported a host of most open services. He became famous for developing WordPress which is currently being used by 200 million websites. He became the principle developer for Akismet which is an important tool used to prevent SPAM.

Mullenweg was listed at number 16 in March 2007 by PC World in the list of people who were most important with the internet’s perspective. He was the youngest entrepreneur on that list. He received The Information Technology Innovator Award in 2008 by the Fox School of Business and Management. He was also listed among the top 10 most influential people online in March 2011 by Business Insider for being a part of the internet revolution.

As a rising talent, there is a lot on the plate for Mullenweg. He is currently working on the board of He is the sole non-company high level sponsor of the Apache Software Foundation. He is a strong supporter of various philanthropic organizations. He is also a member of the “Charity:Water” organization that focuses on the availability of safe drinking water to the people in developing nations. He is a writer for a famous tech blog and is working for the development of various open source project.

As a business entrepreneur, Matthew Mullenweg believes that one should not blindly follow status quo and create his/her own career path. It is best not to get distracted by things that other businesses are doing instead focus on what actually matters to one’s own business.


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