Amazing Kamran Saifullah, 17 Years Ethical Hacker

Kamran Saifullah is a young Ethical Hacker, Security Researcher & Penetration Testing. He is 17 years old and is a student of 2nd Year ICS. Having 7 years of experience in Cyber Security & Penetration Testing, he is still learning the new techniques of bypassing security and is trying his best to implement the best countermeasures.

During his 7 years of Ethical Hacking & Penetration Testing, Kamran Saifullah has reported vulnerabilities to world’s big giants and has been acknowledged by Microsoft, Sony, BlackBerry, (Panama Leaks), Pakistan’s Biggest Job Website, Wi-Tribe Pakistan, Huawei, Lenovo and about more than 800+ different other organizations. He has been rewarded by many of the organizations to whom he has reported critical flaws.

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Moreover, he has been interviewed by Samma News (Print Media) and also has been invited as a Guest Speaker at different universities of Pakistan & conferences.

Due to his efforts & experience has been offered the job of Information Security Analyst from one of the biggest Cyber Security company in India but he refused to work with them. Similarly, he has been offered many jobs in abroad, but he refused just because he wants to work for Pakistan.

“Never let anyone decide what your future holds, never let them overcome your dreams. You are the hero of your own story and it only matters how you write it.” Kamran

Kamran Saifullah is the Founder, Vice Chairman & Director Cyber Security of ImpactX Technologies. ImpactX Technologies is a multi-domain private company and is also the 1st ever Pakistani Information Security company which is providing Physical Penetration Testing. Before this there was no concept of Physical Penetration Testing.

ImpactX Technologies specialises in enabling businesses to effectively manage their information security risks. ImpactX Technologies is not only providing the Information Security services but also the Information Technology services to enhance the Cyber Security capabilities & IT capabilities in Pakistan.

They provide the following services:

Cyber Security
Penetration Testing
Computer Forensics
Malware Analysis
Software Development
Database Development
Web / Graphics Designing / SEO
Mobile Applications Development
Hardware / Network Infrastructure
Research & Development

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