Best CPM Advertising for Bloggers

Over the past decade, online advertising has become an essential part of promoting businesses. Internet and mobile technology have completely changed the traditional methods of advertising. Advertisers and publishers always want to benefit from the pricing models that could help to gain more revenues. Cost Per thousand (CPM) is one such model that is linked with the sale or any other measurable outcome.

What is CPM?:

CPM is a marketing term for Cost per Thousand impressions. It is basically used in traditional advertising media selection, as well as online advertising and marketing related to web traffic.

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CPM is used to evaluate the cost-effectiveness and profitability of online advertising. This advertising strategy is similar to those that are available on other media platforms such as television, print, and radio, where advertising is sold on the basis of readership, and viewership.

In simple words, CPM is a great way to earn revenues through online blogs. It pays you according to the volume of impressions that are received on an advertisement.


The formula for Cost Per Thousand (CPM) is,

CPM= Cost/Total Impressions multiply by 1000

An advertisement’s single instance is known as the “impression”. These are present on your website. This allows you to earn money even if the readers of your blog do not click on the ads that are given on your site.

CPM is preferable for bloggers and they can earn a good amount of money. There are 5 CPM advertising programs that can help you to earn more cash. These are as follows,


All websites can benefit from this advertising network. But it is most beneficial for bloggers. They offer three types of ads such as CPM ads, CPS ads, and conversion-based ads. They are partners with Google AdSense, Double Click, Criteo, etc.

Amazon CPM Ads:

Amazon CPM Ads are offered only for specific amazon affiliates. To see whether you are given this facility, you need to have an Amazon account. You can log in to that account and check whether you have this option or not.

Propeller Ads:

This is a preferred choice for most webmasters. The reason for its popularity is that the ads are not restricted to any screen type. You can get an account in no time and after adding your domain and verifying ownership, you can start with the program.

Conversant Media:

Being appreciated on the advertising platform, Conversant Media offers monetization of sites and mobile-optimized sites with mobile apps. It is a very trustworthy CPM-based ad network and does not keep any restrictions regarding high-traffic requirements.

Exponential (Formerly Tribal Fusion):

The Exponential network rather seems a bit strict with its requirements for upcoming bloggers. It necessitates at least 500,000 specific users on monthly basis. But the CPM ads on Exponential, are of extremely high quality. This network offers 55% of the revenue for the publisher for the Rising Start Ad format and pre-roll ads. In net revenue, their least payout is 50% and payment is Net45.




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