Here is how you can engage your remote workers effectively

The virtually ubiquitous internet access has enabled most desk jobs to be done from the comfort of home. This is the reason that more people are working remotely than ever before and the number is increasing every year. Remote working is a major benefit that companies can offer to their employees but the geographical distance makes a virtual employee feel a bit disconnected. The employees may be brainstorming and throwing ideas through an email to one another but at times it feels like they are isolated. This is one of the biggest problems that affect a team’s morale. For an effective manager, it is very important for the team to work together whether they are in an office or working on opposite sides of the globe.

For keeping the team engaged and the morale high, the following are the ways that can help:

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Proper communication:

Apart from texts and emails, today’s businesses require communication through proper challenges. Because when remote workers remain in touch with their managers through voice or video calls, they feel included in the daily office activities.

Virtual meetings:

One of the things that make remote workers really left out is the office meetings. It keeps the people in the office really active to participate during a meeting and present their ideas. But for remote workers, advanced digital tools should be used to make participation possible. The meeting should bring everyone together despite how far people are working.

Recognize their efforts:

It may be easy to offer compensation and rewards to the people who visit the office on daily basis. Remote workers are somewhat separated from this concept. But their efforts should be recognized and they should be offered rewards and compensation equally as others. It will no doubt make them feel motivated and their productivity will increase.

Provide feedback:

Not being present in the office makes the existence of remote workers often invisible. Written feedback for the work should be sent to the remote worker regularly. It will make them realize where they are lagging behind and what they can do to improve. Apart from written feedback, a face-to-face meeting should also be scheduled in order to keep them motivated and to feel valued by the company.

Stay organized:

No matter whether employees work from home or in the office, it is important to stay organized. An effective manager makes sure that files are uploaded on time and the projects are completed before the deadline and there should be no delays.

Getting everyone together:

An effective manager makes sure that all the members of the team should get together once a year. The connection between the office and remote workers will help in team building and will keep everyone efficient and productive in their work.

Via: Entrepreneur

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