Being Single Is Now A Disability – World Health Organization

It’s a news that might just come as bit offensive but WHO – World Health Organization says, being single is a disability.

According to WHO, every person living in this world have a right to reproduce. Unfortunately, homosexual or heterosexual are unable or unlucky to find their partners, the Telegraph reports.

The new guidelines set by WHO points out that the inability to find a partner can be equated to infertility. This sounds very controversial as people remain single by choice and do not want to have a partner.

Dr. David Adamson, one of the authors of the new standards says, this move is about creating medical equality.

The definition of infertility is now being re-written in a way that it includes the rights of all individuals to have a family, and that includes single men, single women, gay men, gay women.”

The World Health Organization is yet to make the new term official.