5 Best books for mind, body, and soul

You may not notice but books have a way of reaching deep within your soul. Especially, when the topic is based on your mind, mind, and soul, the result gets amplified. But there is a huge range of books and it becomes hard to decide where to begin.

In order to help with your literary journey into books on mind, body, and soul, following is the list of few books:

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Make Time:

Author: Jake Knapp and John Zeratsky

There is no lack of books available on time management, but there are only few that explain the concept in temple terms. This book by Jake Knapp and John Zeratsky, effectively explains to make the most of each day with the help of lists, fun graphics, and little blurbs. It gives better techniques to manage your emails, avoid devices when you can, and be able to maintain your daily workout.

It does not have to be crazy at work:

Author: Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson

Although, many people think that a work day is fixed to just few hours. But even then they are expected to answer emails at late hours on their vacations. This book explains that it does not have to be that way and there is a way to change it. The authors have offered strategies that can help to create a workplace that has less stress and anxiety. For this purpose, the businesses need to be reasonable in the expectations that they set for employees and also find ways to maximize the usage of time.

The law of human nature:

Author: Robert Greene

There is seldom any discussion done on how to manage one’s own behavior. But this book by Robert Greene helps you to pay attention to strategize your own behavior. Through the book, he provides ways to read emotions of others, the nonverbal cues they have, and to understand how to make smart decisions.

Radical Generosity: Unlock the Transformative Power of Giving

Author: M.J. Ryan

In this book, the author pushes readers deep into practicing generosity and letting go of grudges. She insists on forgetting the hurts and the world that stands in your way of your connection to others. This book helps you to find your ways to build personal connections and actually put the given advice into action.

Can You Learn to Be Lucky?: Why Some People Seem to Win More Often Than Others

Author: Karla Starr

This is a groundbreaking book in which Karla Starr traces wealth, health, and happiness back to the subconscious neurological processes. She reveals that how you can cultivate personal strength to overcome life’s uncertain patterns.

All these books cover everything from spiritual awakening to mindfulness, meditation, and self-improvement. With these books, you will see your creativity with a whole new perspective and will encourage you to stop thinking the way you sued to.

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