Battery with an inbuilt fire extinguisher is developed

A lithium-ion battery containing a fire extinguishing material has been designed by researchers in case the battery gets overheated. Inside a shell sits a flame retardant triphenyl phosphate (TPP) with in the electrolyte fluid. When the temperatures increase to 150C (302F), the shell dissolves and releases a chemical compound. Experiments showed that the battery fires extinguished in 0.4 seconds.

Lithium-ion batteries are known vulnerable to fire but they power various devices. The journal Science Advances published a peer-reviewed by the Standard University research team. All such previous attempts to incorporate TTP inside batteries the shell faced troubles. As lithium-ion battery cells charge instantly therefore any tine manufacturing error can end up in a short circuit which can lead to fire.

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These batteries were warned to be the fire and an explosion ignition source in aero plane cargo by the US National Transportation Safety Board in February 2016. Although Samsung has yet not revealed the actual results of the investigation that is being carried out for its battery explosions. But local reports have indicated batteries as the real cause for Samsung’s phones catching fire. But the company has not confirmed any of the reports. According to company’s statement, the need for answers for the Note & explosions is completely understood by the company but it needs patients of its customers, partners, and stakeholders to wait for the results. Samsung is trying to come up with a comprehensive update so that in the coming weeks, it can provide detailed information to its customers.

Better batteries:

According to a senior analyst at IHS, Ian Fogg states that battery technology has seen lesser developments as compared to the battery-powered devices that rely on it. There is a dire need to focus on battery technology because it is something that is holding back the potential of a lot of mobile devices along with various other products.

Manufacturers are concentrating more towards balancing the customer demand with longer-lived batteries. There is a huge demand for better graphics and larger detailed displays which can only be achieved by powerful devices. But it is very difficult to increase the capacity of batteries to greater extent as there will always be a possibility of a battery fail in any device.

Via: BBC Technology

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