Alibaba Founder expresses interest in Pakistan’s e-commerce

In Pakistan e-commerce business is showing a very promising progress. The state of its expansion indicates that it has a lot of potential for becoming a major economic player along with generating revenue for the country. From the economic sector, Pakistan’s e-commerce is gathering a lot of interest from many stakeholders.

In a recent meeting of Alibaba’s chairman and the Prime Minister Nawaz Shariff at Davoz, Switzerland, Jack Ma also showed his interest in investing in Pakistan’s e-commerce sector. In the meeting he stated that the company is ready to invest for establishing an e-commerce platform in Pakistan. The performance of the country’s e-commerce sector is being closely monitored and therefore he wants to support small scale industries in the country. He told the Prime Minister that China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) will play important role in strengthening the economic ties between the two countries. Jack Ma was invited by the Pakistan’s Prime Minister to visit the country on earliest possible opportunity.

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Alibaba is the company that has given tens of thousands of entrepreneurs their first foothold in e-commerce. Jack Ma’s emphasis on the company’s long-term interests proved as a success for the company. With its platform Taobao, the company holds more than 90 percent of the consumer-to-consumer market.

Via: Dawn

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