Asked to test an iPhone gadget, this doctor ended up diagnosing his own Cancer

Vascular surgeon diagnosed his own cancer while testing a new iPhone supported gadget. Dr John Martin was asked to check out a device called Butterfly IQ, a small ultrasound device designed to replace expensive machines. This portable device does the whole body imaging (ultra sound) and costs under $2,000.

Dr Martin was asked to test a device and it gave him the worst possible news in an easy to read way. He had a mass in his throat and it looked cancerous.

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Thanks to the Butterfly IQ and Dr. Martin’s iPhone, he is now receiving early treatment for his cancer. This amazing device is tipped to be medicine’s next stethoscope.

Dr Martin says, it’s all about time. Sooner we diagnose, earlier we can start the treatment and this device just does that.

There’s several things about this product that make it very, very different. Number one is that you can use one single transducer that can be deployed to look at structures that are in the near-field, and then structures that are deeper in the body. I mean, just that very basic principle, that I no longer need to need to change transducers – that, in and of itself, just completely revolutionizes, blows up, the entire ultrasound playing field. – Dr. John Christian Fox, of Director of Instructional Ultrasound at UC Irvine.

In not so advanced countries, getting full body imagery (ultrasound) is very expensive. This easy to afford gadget that works with iPhone could reduce the medical bills substantially, making it affordable for everyone

You can visit Butterfly Network website here.

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