Internet is ruined beyond repair, Big data is like big tobacco says Peter Sunde

Internet was once a very beautiful place but now we have continuously made it more centralized. At  its current state, it has ruined beyond repair according to the Pirate Bay founder Peter Sunde. He spoke at the tech talk at Brain Bar Budapest.

TNW had a detailed conversation with Peter Sunde. In his talk, Pete spoke about how the Internet has transformed from equal and a free place into a corrupted, central space and the power is taken from the people and given to few handful number of tech companies.

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He thinks, there is no going back now. All we can do now is a damage control, we have lost the Internet.

“Everything has gone wrong. That’s the thing – it’s not about what will happen in the future it’s about what’s going on right now,”

He also told TNW that “We’ve centralized all of our data to a guy called Mark Zuckerberg, who’s basically the biggest dictator in the world as he wasn’t elected by anyone.”

Peter said, the ‘Big five‘ that includes Amazon, Google, Apple, Microsoft and Facebook has got hold of every upcoming Tech startup and this is a huge problem. Which so less players in the tech industry, it automatically points out to the giants controlling all the data collected from various services and products.

No. We lost this fight a long time ago. The only way we can do any difference is by limiting the powers of these companies — by governments stepping in — but unfortunately the EU or the US don’t seem to have any interest in doing this.

We don’t create things anymore, instead we just have virtual things. Uber, Alibaba and Airbnb, for example, do they have products? No. We went from this product-based model, to virtual product, to virtually no product what so ever. This is the centralization process going on.

He also said that big data is like big tobacco. Just like in the early days, the public didn’t realize how dangerous tobacco was, we did not realize big data could be that thing and now we can’t quit.

Via – TNW

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